The School endowed with spacious and fully furnished class rooms. The classrooms provide a stimulating and serene learning atmosphere for the students.

A maximum of 30 students are only admitted to a class. The comfortable teacher-student ratio enables individual attention and a maximum lively interaction in the class.

Interactive learning is encouraged in the School wherein the teacher motivates the students to plunge into the depths of knowledge and learn to evolve.

Only trained, experienced and qualified teachers are appointed who have taken up teaching profession by choice and not by chance.

Frequent refresher training programmes are organized for the teachers so that they are up-to-date with the modern advancements of the various fields of knowledge and teaching methodologies.

Research and creative learning is encouraged in the students through various projects and lab-exercises in various branches of science, mathematics and computers.

Visual education is given utmost importance with adequate audio-visual aids and the greater part of teaching activity is enhanced through visual media.

The School provides adequate facilities and opportunities for the students to learn through experimenting, investigation and observation.

Bhagavan says, “Care more for remarks, than for marks”. The students are encouraged to look into their weaknesses and constantly strive to overcome them rather than looking to their merits and rejoicing over their achievements.

The students are treated with great love and encouraged a great deal so that they come out of all their inhibitions and reservations which are great hurdles for a potential learning activity.