Service to mankind is Service to God – Baba

To inculcate the attitude of service, dignity of labour and respect for work, various service departments of the hostel are run by students under the able guidance of resident faculty. The students should compulsorily join in any of their wishful department and render service. This provides an excellent opportunity to observe the life skills of the students on a daily basis.

More than 33 service departments of the hostel have been brought under ‘Selfless hands’ programme. The ‘Selfless hands’ departments play a vital role in developing the life skills such as leadership, team spirit, co-ordination, adjustment etc. of the students. Students become an expert in all the works of the service departments they join in.

The selfless hands departments include:

  • House Keeping(Maintenance of Ganesh temple, Shirdi temple, Shiva statue, Hanuman statue, Krishna statue, Auditorium, Dining hall ,Kitchen , Music room, Sports room, PA system, Save Energy Committee)
  • Academic support(Library, Computer lab maintenance)
  • Health care(Paramedical and First aid assistance)
  • Support Services( Newspaper service, barber service, Dhobi service, Notice board service, Telephone service, Food serving, Room leaders duty)
  • Fine Arts (Arts and Crafts work)
  • Publications (Hostel journalists)
  • Spiritual Activities(Arati incharge, Veda tutor, Prayer discipline incharge, Bell incharge, Punctuality coordinator, Athmanivedan – prayer book distribution incharge)

‘Selfless Hands’ Glimpses


Situated in the centre of the SSSIE campus, Sri Vidya Ganesh is the most favourite deity of our hostel. Every day, students would not go to their classes unless they take 1 to 3 rounds around him praying him to bless the day without any obstacles for them. The temple maintenance of Sri Vidya Ganesh is carried out by the Selfless Hands.



Standing next to Sri Vidya Ganesh temple, is Sri Hanuman, the lord of strength and valour. Daily before going to bed, students worship this close friend of them by singing Hanuman Chalisa everyday and performing Hanuman Arathi on every Saturday. The maintenance of hanuman statue includes maintenance of the Shiva Linga Pond infront of Lord Hanuman as well as the garden around the pond. This holy service is wonderfully done by the student volunteers.



Sai Brindavan is not an ordinary place located inside our hostel. It is the place of happiness and joyfulness. It is the place where our sweet Lord Krishna lives through his statue and is blessing the students for whatever they pray for. Other than Krishnashtami festival, Lord Krishna is worshipped in our hostel daily with love and affection by the students. The maintenance of the Krishna statue is performed by the students.



Shirdi is a famous pilgrimage place located in the state of Maharashtra which became known to the entire world by the birth of Lord Shirdi Sai Baba, the previous avatar of our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The Shirdi temple located at the entrance of our school has the full size statue of Shridi Sai Baba which resembles the beautiful statue made of marble kept in Shirdi. The golden opportunity of maintaining the statue with traditional practices as they are followed in Shirdi is carried out by the students.



One of the most important service departments of our hostel is the Ram Sai hall department. Ram Sai hall is the venue for Morning and evening prayer sessions during hostel hours and is the venue for assembly and other festival programs during school hours. One can feel the divine vibrations that are prevalent in the hall due to regular chanting of Vedic Mantras and slokas and singing Sai Bhajans daily inside the hall. The altar maintenance and the hall maintenance of Ram Sai hall is performed by the students.



The arrangement and maintenance of the equipments used for making public speaking and announcement is an art. The microphones, the amplifiers and the speakers have solved the problem of shouting full-throated when something needed to be conveyed to a mass gathering. Our hostel is having the latest PA system installed at all the places The introduction of wireless microphones has helped in performing role plays and giving speeches without any difficulty for the students as well as for the staff. Student volunteers from Selfless Hands are maintaining this important department of the school.



SSSIE hostel is full of colourful activities throughout each month. Whether we have religious festivals like Deepavali, Navaratri, Christmas or national festivals like Independence day, Republic day, Gandhi Jayanthi, each and everything is celebrated with variety of activities that would bring out the inner significance of these festivals. Other than these, various programmess are organized whenever any VIP  visits the school. Every activity is recorded with photographs and sent to all the school well-wishers of  and parents as a monthly report. This job of making beautiful report of the events is done by the hostel journalists  department. They are also publishing the monthly hostel magazine called “Prema Sai”.