Dr. Arnold Toynbee, the great historian said that a nation which does not identify its gifted citizens and develop them will sink – they form the intelligent minority. This identification and improvement has to start from the school stage itself. The Shreyas school at Ahmedabad, Springdales at New Delhi, Bronx School at NewYork – these take pains to locate sparklers early and nuture them carefully.

In a meeting of teachers Swami Ranganathananda, former President of Sri Ramakrishna Math once said that only outstanding teachers can produce outstanding students. A first class teacher only can produce a first class student.

During his visit to NASA head quaters in 1961 the author asked the chief of the project as to the qualifications of the scientists working there and how they are selected. The chief replied “none less than the best”. Surely these scientists should have had wonderful science teachers who could spot the fire in the belly and encourage them and those teachers themselves must have been inspired and glowing with the intellectual fire.

All teachers in a school may not be of “ Aurora Burealis” shine. But in every school definitely there should be a few who are more gifted than others. The moot question is – Are the Principals capable of understanding their potential and know how to treat them? Does it mean that others are not talented? Does it mean that only some should receive favoured treatment?

The Manchester United club and other clubs – each select their players very carefully no doubt paying a heavy price to book them. But David Beckham, Mersi, Vella, Ronaldo and Zedaine command a very high price because they are, what they are ! there is something very special in them speed , knack, pass, heading, straight kick, flickshot. All these make them standout by the way they execute them.




                       So also some teachers will be, and shall be in every school. Identifying and developing such people, the experiences you provide for such highly talented teachers and also the hallmarks of such persons have all to be looked into.

            From the teachers side they should ask a question themselves- how do I enter and continue to be in that list?

            When a teacher joins your school find out if he starts helping other colleagues; if he tells you that he has chosen the teaching profession and wants to scale great heights; if he assists you in solving some long pending issues; if he volunteers to take some load off your shoulders over which you need not waste your time; if he serves as a link between the staff members, if he maintains a healthy and warm relationship with all the staff of the school; if he comes up to you with any innovative proposals ; if he suggests any alternative method of doing a thing, if he is able to mediate and resolve a conflict between staff or students; if he is capable of acting as a good P. R. O of the school; if he has got mastery of expertise in his subject area; if he can work in a team; if he can lead a team; if he has the soft skills; if his behaviour is above par, if he can exhibit a behavioural shift from “ fit and affiliation” to “ role model” if he can engage people in frank and fruitful conversation; if he can grasp the essence of a problem quickly and suggest  practical answer for it; if he can attract and win people over; if he doesn’t showoff; if he assist the colleagues to succeed and not to frighten them with his expertise; if he can be a example to others; if he can outshine his colleagues at different times; if he exemplifies the institution spirit, culture values; if he displays a high level of urge and ability to go further in his line; if he performs every work assigned to him with a aplomb and distinction; if he doesn’t succeed riding on the back of others; if his credibility and integrity is high; if he is trusted by his colleagues; if he can master new areas of responsibility if assigned: if he is always a picture of a confidence; if he has those plus factors which count more than his working after school hours; if he is willing to walk the extramile sacrificing his personal work; if he can make hard choice; if he has a extraordinary capacity to learn; and analyse new thoughts and assimilate them, if he can put those ideas into actual use; if he is capable of becoming an adventurer; if he would not walk to satisfy somebody else or earn a sabash from the boss; if he is more tuned to the process than product; if he can avoid giving room for jealousy and envy; and if he can show a high degree of awareness and sensitivity to others feelings and ideas;

            Some people may exhibit a quiet and low profile. Don’t mistake them as less talented. Some of these people may adopt that attitude so that they can communicate with others and become accessible.

            Findout why a staff wants to get on to the list of “HTT”  “Highly talented teachers” and whether he has “got it in him” to make the grade. Performance and behaviour are your two high watermarks to be pushed into that Elite company.


Each one of you has struggled upward from the stone to a plant,

From the plant to an animal,

From the animal to a man.

Do not slide into an animal.

Rise higher to divinity

Shining with the new effulgence of love. – Sathya Sai Baba